At the end of September I was offered a 3 month long internship at DanmarkC TV. During this time, I edited some of their features which was an absolutely amazing experience to be able to say that I’ve made stuff that has been shown on television. These features are all edited by me. I place the clips in an order that tells the story in the best way possible and then I give the edited thing to Tommy so he can put graphics on it like the little credits at the end, the logo and the lower third.

After my entire period was done with them, by early December, they gave me a review of how they thought it all worked out. It’s a pretty nice read. (Keep in mind, it’s entirely in danish)

Udtalelse_DanmarkC TV_ side_1 Udtalelse_DanmarkC TV_side_2

Below are a couple of time stamp links that go directly to the features I’ve worked on.

This post will be updated as I work on more videos for them.

The following videos do however require you to understand danish.

Badminton’s stævne

Firma idrætsstævne

Halloween Græskarskæring


3. kl. indvier ny cykelsti