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DigitalMedia First Course Exam project 2015/2016

Exams were coming up. We were asked to create a project from christmas break until the start of school. So our time limit was from the 18th of December to the 4th of January.

I decided to create a short film called So You Want To Become An Animator. Along with the project we had to create a report of the entire thing. The report I wrote has beginning of the idea, general workflow and what I had in store and an overall consensus of how I thought it went. Instead of me explaining it all in a lengthy blog post, I’d recommend just reading

The entire report can be read hereĀ So you want to become a report

Animation assignment

We were supposed to make a tiny animation of some text on the screen. I was already working on my ball animation so I combined it with said assignment.

Here’s the end result

3D animation

We were asked to make a bunch of animations with pre made rigs. This is the end result of some of it.

This last one was an assignment given to us asking us to make a comedy sketch, running maximum 30 seconds in 4 days. I went a little bit overboard and made my animation last a little longer. We could either make one up or recreate something. I chose to recreate a sketch from Don Hertzfeldt’s rejected. I created a spoon and the bowl. I was helped with getting the cereal to fill the bowl and getting a banana model which I textured myself. This is what I managed to come up with.

For a first time animating in 3D and handling lip syncing. It’s pretty alright. I think I could’ve done better though.

Hitchhiker’s Whale

We got an assignment to recreate a scene from the movie Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

It was the scene in the movie where the crew hits the improbability drive button and somehow turns a pair nuclear missles into a bowl of petunias and a whale. The video follows the whale’s inner monologue as he makes his descent towards a planet. I’m mostly proud

Christmas Bilka Promo animation

We were asked to make a christmas bilka promo on our own in After Effects. This was the end result from me.

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