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DigitalMedia First Course Exam project 2015/2016

Exams were coming up. We were asked to create a project from christmas break until the start of school. So our time limit was from the 18th of December to the 4th of January.

I decided to create a short film called So You Want To Become An Animator. Along with the project we had to create a report of the entire thing. The report I wrote has beginning of the idea, general workflow and what I had in store and an overall consensus of how I thought it went. Instead of me explaining it all in a lengthy blog post, I’d recommend just reading

The entire report can be read here So you want to become a report

Internship at DanmarkC TV

At the end of September I was offered a 3 month long internship at DanmarkC TV. During this time, I edited some of their features which was an absolutely amazing experience to be able to say that I’ve made stuff that has been shown on television. These features are all edited by me. I place the clips in an order that tells the story in the best way possible and then I give the edited thing to Tommy so he can put graphics on it like the little credits at the end, the logo and the lower third.

After my entire period was done with them, by early December, they gave me a review of how they thought it all worked out. It’s a pretty nice read. (Keep in mind, it’s entirely in danish)

Udtalelse_DanmarkC TV_ side_1 Udtalelse_DanmarkC TV_side_2

Below are a couple of time stamp links that go directly to the features I’ve worked on.

This post will be updated as I work on more videos for them.

The following videos do however require you to understand danish.

Badminton’s stævne

Firma idrætsstævne

Halloween Græskarskæring


3. kl. indvier ny cykelsti

Video work for Racershoppen

We had a little project week recently along with another class of design people where we were supposed to make some PR material for a Rally team. What we put together was what was liked best by the teachers and the group that was in were all really nice people. I’m usually bad when it comes to meeting new people but it wasn’t a problem this time. They were very welcoming and very funny, but enough about that. Here’s the video I made to coincide what the design folks made.

Video work for Likan ApS

I have a sort of part time internship at a place called Likan. An architecture business. They wanted me to make a video promoting that they have some work space open. They’re in the middle of setting up an office and starting up their business. So far they have a website and they also have many customers. I did have some help with this video. Christoffer and Levon, fellow classmates who also works at Likan. Christoffer made the little UFO bit and Levon did the little end animation. I put everything together along with the music and text. Overall, this project ended fantastically and I’m really satisfied with how it came out.

Odense Zoo Commercials

We were asked to make a commercial for kids attractions in Denmark.

Problem was that… It was in the winter and everything was closed because of that. Except Odense Zoo. So we went there and began filming. We were told to do this in danish. That’s why it’s in danish

3D animation

We were asked to make a bunch of animations with pre made rigs. This is the end result of some of it.

This last one was an assignment given to us asking us to make a comedy sketch, running maximum 30 seconds in 4 days. I went a little bit overboard and made my animation last a little longer. We could either make one up or recreate something. I chose to recreate a sketch from Don Hertzfeldt’s rejected. I created a spoon and the bowl. I was helped with getting the cereal to fill the bowl and getting a banana model which I textured myself. This is what I managed to come up with.

For a first time animating in 3D and handling lip syncing. It’s pretty alright. I think I could’ve done better though.

Video work for Senior Erhverv Danmark

I was asked to make a video for some folks at Senior Erhverv Danmark formerly known as Ledergruppen Fyn. Basically a place where people over the age of 50 can get help with getting a job.

I accepted the task and then me, a teacher and another girl from my class went out to film a meeting for b-roll. It was the first time I had ever done anything like that and it was a nerve wracking experience.

After filming, we went back to the school and I began doing some compositing in After Effects. I’ve gotten a lot better with After Effects as of late. I feel like I can do almost anything with it.

I finished the video and sent it to them and they were quite happy with the end result.

This is the video I made for them. It is in danish.

Hitchhiker’s Whale

We got an assignment to recreate a scene from the movie Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

It was the scene in the movie where the crew hits the improbability drive button and somehow turns a pair nuclear missles into a bowl of petunias and a whale. The video follows the whale’s inner monologue as he makes his descent towards a planet. I’m mostly proud

Christmas Bilka Promo animation

We were asked to make a christmas bilka promo on our own in After Effects. This was the end result from me.

Some stuff I’m making in my free time.

I run a youtube channel called Jacbros. It’s a comedic video game review/analytical show that usually takes bad games and makes fun of them. I’ve met many people throughout doing these videos and it’s mainly where I get most of my practice for utilizing After Effects. It’s been a dream for me to one day be able to make a living off of doing this show, but it’s too complicated, difficult and takes a lot of dedication and time. Dedication which I have and time that I do not. Doing this show has been life changing for me. It’s one of the fondest things I’ve ever done in my career.

Here are some of the best videos I’ve made.

(Not for the person that hates swearing)


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