Hi. Welcome to truly awesome. The best portfolio ever made.

My name is Jakob Frederik Ottosen. I’m a student animator from Denmark, going through the digital media course. I have a lot of experience with video editing and animation, and I also have some experience with modelling, writing (specifically a lot of sub-genres in comedy) and basic web programming. I can write HTML,  CSS, PHP and MYSQL on a novice level

I mainly use After Effects and Premiere Pro for video editing, but I do have knowledge of NukeX.

I use Photoshop for picture editing, and I know those programs really well. I use Autodesk’s Maya for modelling and animation in 3D along with The Foundry’s Mari for texturing.

In real life I have a humongous love for almost all kinds of media. Video games, films and music are mainly the ones I spend the most time with. My knowledge of what’s out there, is incredibly deep when it comes to those 3. I’ve seen, heard and played from the newest to the oldest, and I don’t mind age when it comes to media as long as it’s good.